Freedom is Calling

Voys provides telephony services to companies, so that they can be perfectly available to their customers. Because we are growing; we are looking for new colleagues.

At Voys we work completely self-managed. Lots of freedom and responsibility for each colleague, and there's no manager to be found. Promise!

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We are always looking for new colleagues 🤙

Voys offers telephony to companies: from freelancers to larger businesses. From our simple online environment to our webphone, we help companies so that they can be wonderfully accessible.

Over 15,000 companies in four different countries call with our technology. Through our collaboration with software developers we automate boring and repetitive work as much as possible. This leaves time for fun work in which talents are fully utilized: meaningful work in which you can develop yourself.

Colleagues at Voys treat customers the way they would like to be treated: informally and with equal dignity. We do not only have personal contact with customers, but also among ourselves.

Self-management: working without bosses👮

Voys works without management and functions, based on the idea that people are very capable of taking responsibility for their own work. The organizational model that makes this possible is Holacracy.

In addition, we have been selected in the top 4 nicest companies to work for. We are very happy about this, because we believe that happy employees make for happy customers, and vice versa. Our customers give us an average rating of 8.9 in over 3,000 reviews.

Our Core Values

We understand that we don't appeal to everyone with our way of working. And we're fine with that. At Voys, we are looking for new colleagues who fit our core values and can enrich them:

-Open 📖
-Supportive 🤗
-Evolving 📈
-Equality 🧩

Of course, this is always exciting. You (hopefully) want to work for us and make a good impression. To help you do this, we'll ask you a few questions that we'd like you to answer. Once you have answered these questions, it is up to us to read through your awesome application and give it the attention it deserves. You can leave out the cover letter.

1 | The first contact

We will contact you by phone to schedule the first interview. During this call we talk to each other and we can briefly get acquainted. During this conversation we will ask you about your salary expectations. We do this to ensure that the expectations on both sides are clear.

2 | The interview

Do not worry before or during the interview. We see this as a good opportunity to get to know each other better. We obviously start with a nice cup of coffee (tea or something else is also good), although you will have to make it yourself. As long as the government advises you to work at home as much as possible, this first meeting will take place digitally. Don't worry, this digital setting does not change anything else about the conversation. Just like we always do, we will ask you some questions about your (work) experience and your motivation to come and work for us. During the interview there is plenty of room for questions you want to ask us. After all, you also need to be sure that we are a good fit for you.

3 | Training day(s)

We have got to know each other better in the interview and if there is a mutual click, we will invite you for a trial day. This day is all about you. The vacancy text and the interview provide you with a certain image, but we want you to get an honest impression of Voys and the role you have applied for. That's why we want to show you who we really are, as colleagues and as a company. This is also a day to ask yourself the questions: 'is this really something for me and can I see myself working here?

During this shadowing day, we will digitally let you loose among the colleagues, tell you more about the role and our way of working, and discuss a talent assessment. A full, but fun day!

4 | Our new colleague!

We find that these two meetings are enough for us to paint a good picture. If the spark has been ignited both by you and by us, we will be happy to make you an offer with a suitable salary (based on the Voys Value system) and our other terms of employment. If you are happy with all of this and you have signed the contract, you will start as a real Voys colleague. Then we will support you where needed so you can contribute to Voys in your own way.

💝 Perks & benefits

We work differently. We want to give people an equal voice and that starts with us as colleagues - and thus you as talent! Even though we think that the work is the perk, we still have some other perks: 

💰 Professional & financial growth
You'll grow with us - both in your skills, and in terms of compensation.

🏝 Remote working
Live and work anywhere you want

🧘‍♀️ You decide!
Want to have experience complete freedom in your job? With no managers and colleagues that enable equality that is what you get!

🥳 Celebrations
With the way we do projects, there needs to be regular celebrations. 

🧠 Highly motivated, aligned team
Work with a team of self-starters, all motivated towards our goals.

📈 Metrics
Well-defined data means you know where you're heading next!

💻 Gear to do the job
An office where you can be yourself and work in a way you like. Want to work from home? We make sure you have all the gear you need! 

🎓 Personal development
Additional budget to help you learn and develop professionally.